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We aim to respond to all support enquiries within one business day.

Guide for end users

Guide for administrators

  • Your device and browser
    For joining video consultations: You can connect to a Vidtu consultation using all mainstream desktop and mobile browsers. These include: Chrome (version 70 +) – recommended Firefox Microsoft Edge (79+) Safari (11+) Samsung browser Opera Vidtu uses the WebRTC feature to access your device's camera and microphone. Please click 'Allow' on all browser prompts asking for permission to access the camera and microphone, or to record video and audio. Vidtu meetings cannot be joined from Internet Explorer, because IE does not support the WebRTC feature. When connecting to a Vidtu consultation by clicking a link on your mobile device, please ensure that the link is opened in your device’s browser, rather than with the web page viewing function of your SMS or email app.
  • Your Internet connection and firewall
    Vidtu connections are outbound https connections, so will work through nearly all firewalls without requiring special configuration. If you are unable to connect, ask your network administrator to enable connections to the domain. Our web application uses TCP port 443, our signalling channel uses TCP port 3000, and all audio and video media uses UDP or TCP ports in the range 40000-49999.

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